Rimaks is mainly focused on denim and non denim garment manufacturing. Jeans, shorts, skirts, denim jackets, chino pants and woven garments are building up our product group range.

Production facility is located in Bartın, north-western part of Turkey. In a total of 55.000 m2 land, the factory possesses 20.000 m2 indoor space.

The factory is fully integrated with a capacity of 330.000 pieces per month finished garment.

Together with laser and ozone technologies, new innovative spraying systems, and 3D owens, Rimaks production facility owns all the necessary technology that denim industry requires for. Also with the experience and knowledge of 40 years in the industry, Rimaks Textile has the ability to make all kind of looks and treatments to give life to denim.

Besides an incredibly strong daily pace, there is also a constant process of improvement in the factory with the new technologies and techniques coming in to our lives.

With the production quality, on time delivery performance and competitive price level, Rimaks Textile allows its privileged customers making their impacts in the market.

The main philosophy behind our production mindset is to create value for commercial garments to make the end consumer happy. Because in Rimaks, from top to bottom, we are perfectly aware that if the end consumer is happy and proud with the garment, our customer is also happy.



  • Daily contact and close communication with customers
  • Production controls
  • Following up everything to make sure all is going right
  • Solving problem efficiently
  • Coordinating and planning the workload with the best possible way
  • Close communication with all production departments
  • Raw materials purchase organisation
  • Allowing harmonious and systematic workflow
  • Well experienced team in the business and in the company taking care of the patterns, measurements and all the technical details.
  • Creating new fittings, new stylings
  • Gerber technology
  • Full automation with 2 cutting machines
  • 4 fabric spreading machines
  • Up to 16.000 pieces cutting capacity per day
  • Well experienced and knowledgeable stitching organisation.
  • Full focus on automation and quality.
  • Full focus on social compliances and working conditions.
  • By using laser and ozone technology, new innovative spraying technologies together with organic chemicals, we are making happen Eco Smart denim productions. Allowing less consumptions, less impact on the environment.
  • Conventional denim laundry with all kind of treatments such as stone wash, bleachings, 3D effects and owens, etc.
  • Cleaning, trimming
  • Ironing, measuring
  • Final controls
  • Packing
  • Constant in line quality control working synchronized with production
  • Quality controls during stitching
  • Quality controls during laundry
  • Final QC

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