Rimaks Textile is a trustworthy manufacturer partner of worldwide well known fashion brands.

Our main focus and expertise is denim and non denim garment manufacturing.

We follow the trends in the market, we build our own collections, and deliver the highest quality goods to our customers.

In today’s world, being innovative regarding fabric, colors or looks are not enough.

Eco minded innovation is also essential to reduce impact to our mother earth.

For this reason, we build eco friendly collections under our "Eco-Smart Denim" line.

A constant research for ways to use less water, less chemicals and less energy is one of our main topics.

Head office is located in Istanbul and production facility is in Bartın, which is in north- western part of Turkey.

Istanbul head office contains finance and HR departments, design and R&D, sales & marketing, customer relations, pattern room and production planning and top management.

In Bartın Factory, in a fully integrated setup, all fabrics and raw materials are received according to production schedule and cutting, stitching, laundry and finishing processes are being done..

In a total land of 55.000 m2, the factory has 20.000 m2 indoor space.

The principal aim is to develop the denim and non denim garment manufacturing. Jeans, shorts, skirts, denim jackets, chino pants are main product groups. Total capacity within a year is 4.000.000 pieces garments.

Besides conventional denim wash methods (such as 3D whiskers, stone wash, bleaching, enzyme washes, etc.), Rimaks is also making Eco-Friendly collections and productions which allows lower consumptions on water, chemicals and energy. This ongoing project is named as "Eco-Smart Denim by Rimaks".

A constant search for new fabrics, fittings, stylings and new treatments became a part of our daily job.

Main purpose for Rimaks is to be the best partner for our customers in all aspects.

We aim to;

  • Bring innovational and commercial looks in our collections,
  • Quote competitive prices,
  • Maintain quality and on time delivery in production.

From top to bottom, the company feels deeply the pressure and the competition in the market, therefore, we know very well that we need to work hard to satisfy our customers.

With a solid background in denim sector, a professional approach, ethical stance, knowledge, customer oriented principle and quality approach became a powerful company culture.

This culture and corporate stance are the most important factors that makes Rimaks apart from its competitors in the market.

Rimaks is leading production facility continuously with updates which are parallel to industry requirements and embodies the technology standards and machine parks with new investments.



  • Long term relationships based on mutual trust and openness.
  • Fair trade with all partners.
  • Consant innovation mindset.
  • Respect for environment and human rights.
  • Respect for end consumer.

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Member: Emir Eskinazi

Chairman: Marsel Eskinazi

Member: Meir Barbut

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