• Together with the direction denim world is going, Rimaks is been busy looking for new alternative ways to make jeans with less environmental impact.
  • Starting from fabric selections, together with using new technologies, Rimaks is consuming less water, energy and using eco friendly chemicals to make jeans.
  • Full respect to human rights and working conditions.

Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and of what you believe in, which is basically self confidence.

Rimaks is ready to embrace that confident future generations with it’s Eco-Smart collections and Eco Friendly production techniques.

We have now more and more tools to make jeans with new innovative techniques allowing us less consumptions on water, chemicals and energy.

  • Smile Right fabric selection
  • Smile Laser technology
  • Smile Ozone
  • Smile Spraying systems
  • Smile No stone usage
  • Smile Di-Gradeable enzymes
  • Smile Respect to human rights and working conditions
Rimaks Eco Smart


  • Less Energy
  • Less Chemicals
  • Less Water
  • Less Waste

Rimaks undertakes sustainability as a constant ongoing project and aims to approach with all aspects.

Human rights, safe, healthy and fair working conditions are indispensable requirements of sustainability. These are guaranteed and contracted into written with Labour Union agreement in the company.

Additionally, periodic audits both by state authorities and private audit companies are ensuring the consistency in this field.

Rimaks is a BSCI audited and approved company.

Furthermore, we need to reduce our impact on envirronment by using certain means. Aim is to use less natural resources, lower down chemical and energy use. How we do it? Below are some of the tools we use;

  • Using organic or BCI cotton,
  • Using new ecologic fibres and recycled fabrics,
  • Investing on new technologies,
  • Searching for new organic chemicals,
  • Developping new techniques in laundry,
  • Measuring and evaluating our consumptions,

Rimaks is in constant research, development and investment process in order to reach goals and set new ones in sustainability field.

Today, high valued Eco-Smart collections with commercial looks and competitive price levels are being offered to our customers constantly and the room is always there to improve for future.

Besides collections, today Rimaks is also well skilled and experienced on making Eco-Smart garment productions.

We keep developping knowledge and investing on machinery for less impact on environment and play our part for a better tomorrow.