The social compliance studies carried out in Rimaks Textile and subcontractors are followed through internal and external audits, and progress is measured, and in case of need they are verified by accredited audit companies.

Rimaks is a BSCI audited and certified manufacturer.

We ensure sustainability of social compliance by scheduling annual audits for our factory and subcontractors, either with or without advance notice. In case of need for new suppliers, comprehensive audits, including all issues relating to social compliance, occupational health and safety, and environmental-quality, with or without advance notice, are conducted for such new suppliers in accordance with the supplier social compliance manual.


“Rimaks Family” concept has been advanced, and with a sense of mutual love and respect, a peaceful work environment has been provided for our employees.

  • We do not discriminate our employees because of their religious, language, race, or sex;
  • All kinds of personal excuses of our employees (such as leave, etc.) are evaluated sensitively;
  • Statutory working hours are rigorously respected;
  • Overtime works are based on voluntariness;
  • A transparent and sharing management mentality has been developed, and a mutual trust working environment has been established;
  • Child labour is not allowed;
  • Positive discrimination in favour of women employees is adopted, and pregnant employees are provided with conveniences, such as shorter working hours, less workload, etc. A lactation room, designed in cooperation with international brands, was allocated for our women employees after childbirth;
  • All of our employees are insured;
  • In order to provide decent work conditions for our employees, temperature, illuminance, noise, and dust measurements are periodically performed and necessary precautions are taken accordingly;
  • In case of any problem arising from or related with our employees, just resolutions are generated in cooperation with the Management and the worker’s representatives.

We persistently require all our suppliers to adopt and implement same policies and to satisfy these criteria. We immediately part company with suppliers those determined to be in breach.


Since 2011, all our employees are members of Teksif Union.

By signing the Collective Labour Agreement (TIS), the statutory rights and working conditions of our employees are secured in written.


Rimaks Tekxile adopts protection of environment throughout its production process as a principle, thus carries out environment-friendly sustainability activities, environment-friendly projects, and studies on reducing and recycling wastes.

Rimaks Textile aims at manufacture of products not harmful to the environment and its lifecycle. Therefore carries out alternative studies on environment-friendly production by reducing the amount of resources used/utilised.

The activities causing waste water, air pollution, hazardous waste, and solid waste generation are inspected in accordance with the regulations of TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

In our environmental sustainability activities; HIGG INDEX and AMFORI BEPI studies, adopting international performance criterias are followed. No major non-conformity was encountered in the environment-related national audits conducted.

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