We have applied for and attained the most widely accepted and valued quality certificates of the world, namely: ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ; BSCI

All the methods and conditions in Rimaks have been restructured conforming to the international management systems and aim to most efficiently meet the customer's demands. Our entire system is certified by UKAS/NQA.

Every task and process at Rimaks is designed to uphold the quality management system principles that have been listed below:


• We produce new products by taking market requirements into account, ¥ We monitor the requirements of our customers and become closely acquainted with market trends, thus are able to present the most appropriate goods to our customers.

• We focus all our activities around customer satisfaction,

• We strive to continually increase the quality of our services and products.

• We strive to constantly increase the satisfaction of our employees,

• We work to reduce work and environment causalities,

• We conform to local legal requirements and international agreements,

• We try to ensure the well-being of our workers, subcontractors, visitors and everyone affected from our activities. We make sure our employees and employees of subcontractors have necessary training to this end. We take necessary precautions to prevent any accidents threatening the environment, health and safety of the above mentioned people.

• We use recycling in order to reduce the quantity of waste. We dispose of waste responsibly.